My opinion on coaching families

In tv-programmes such as the Supernanny you can follow stagnated families which are transformed into happy families. This gives a proper impression of the effort that your family is going to put when you commence with The Family Coach. And you can really achieve that much as on tv!

The difference with television is that I will allow your family to discover what works and what is dysfunctional. I don’t believe in me visiting your family for a short time and solving your problems. The solution you will find in yourself , you merely can’t reach it momentarily. I see parents as director of the family, who determine what’s right and wrong. I find it very important that you get in position as a parent. So you won’t find me bring a new set of rules to your house. Neither will I see to it that your children will listen to you. What I do bring to your family is that I will support you as a parent in how to handle rules with confidence. And I will observe and advice how your kids and you can listen properly to eachother.

When I start off with you my priority is to first listen intensely to your family, and to observe what’s going on. This gives me a broad view of what your family does, what works and what does not, and what matters to your family.
After this we sit down to talk through what seems to be necesary to reach your objectives. And I will start coaching right away to act accordingly. I will ask  a lot of you. To invest in new behaviour, to hold on, to do what you promise to do, to struggle, go two steps up, one step down…
By doing so you’ll be able to build permanently on a more stable family.

On quality and costs

To fix your leaking roof the plummer presents you his fee; you pay your contractor for repairing your damaged house. When you don’t see clearly enough, you’re happy to buy new glasses of your optician. For familycoaching it’s the same thing: is your family coming to a hold? Then you buy yourself some familycoaching to fix it, at the Familycoach!

If you want to qualify for compensation of the costs by your health Insurance, nowadays you need to meet with a growing set of conditions. Your child for example must have a proper ‘heavy’ diagnosis(e.g. AD(H)D, PDD-NOS, ODD, depression or anxiety disorder), from a physician or child psychiatrist. Without this your health Insurance will not compensate. Insurance companies ask you as well to fill in comprehensive questionnaires before therapy can start. Furthermore a health Insurance states that you must be treated by a scientist.
The past year the gemeente has become responsible for the jeugdzorg. This meant a lot of changes, and many gemeentes are still searching for a good way to organize and finance the jeugdzorg. I am negotiating with gemeentes to compensate for the costs of familytherapy, but they must abide to many institutions, rules and unwritten cartels. Until this system works better and simpler The Familycoach makes a choice for it’s own high quality and clearity.

The Familycoach choses not to use these kinds of complicating procedures and restrictive conditions. In my opinion labeling children rarely does them any good. I see happen more harm from this ‘need to diagnose’, and this rarely helps a family further. To me as your familycoach it is of no relevance wether your child has a disorder or not to be able to help your family. Neither am I a scientist: I ám an experienced counselor who combines lots of education and people skills with intuition and a welcoming no nonsense attitude. If scientific books were enough to get your family going, you would have read them ages ago, and not be calling me for help. Neither will I harass your family with complicated questionnairs; I want to know how you see things, simply by asking you directly and at your own place. Like this we together discover the unique key for your family. Which is worth a good investment, and quality has it’s price.