Costs of familytherapy




This depends. You can either finance the coaching yourself, or you ask your gemeente for a so called beschikking jeugdhulp with which the coaching is financed by your gemeente.

When you pay the coaching yourself

The first meeting with your family is free.
For continuing sessions the rate is €75,-/hour traveltime.
Traveltime to and from your family is charged 50% of my hourrate, €37,50/hour.

What are the average costs?
This is different per family and per situation. Some families reach their goal in a few therapy sessions, while others take more time. When patterns in a family are already longer lasting it usually takes more time and focus before you reach a more constructive situation.

If you finance your family therapy yourself you’d like to have an indication of the costs of this investment in your family. When your family improves after a few sessions, the costs are usually around €1000,- (excl traveltime). A more intensive therapy brings higher costs, e.g. when intensive observation or intervention is needed. As your family improves you will reduce the costs per months.

On the basis of our startmeeting we make an estimate of the approach needed for your family. Thus you can have a degree of insight on the expected costs. We will evaluate approximately each 5th session where your family stands and what is expected to succesfully complete the therapy.

Services will be invoiced monthly. It is possible to make arrangements before we start on what is an affordable term per month for your family.

Tax Deductable

When you own a company, you can under circumstances book the costs of The Family Coach as company costs. For this ask your tax adviser.

When your gemeente finances the coaching

Practically all gemeentes in the region of Amsterdam and wide surroundings finance the costs of this family therapy. How does this work?  Your gemeente issues a so called ‘beschikking jeugdhulp’, with which the coaching is being paid out of their budget of jeugdhulp. For more information click on: How do I apply for compensation

Coaching like The Family Coach can be paid from a so called ‘persoonsgebonden budget Jeugdhulp (PGB Jeugdhulp)‘, a budget with which you can decide yourself who you want to hire for your family. Does your child have a ‘PGB Jeugdhulp’? In this case you can choose to use this for the coaching by The Family Coach. At the moment every city has their own interpretation of regulations on PGB. Contact your own townhall how to be granted a PGB Jeugdhulp. For more information on PGB: en how to apply for a PGB


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