A family of expats from Turkye with a son of 6 years old; they moved to Amsterdam two years ago. According to his school the boy had ADHD, because he was very restless, constantly in fights with his classmates, really a busy kid. Mother experienced her son at home as a sweet kid. Father longed for peace after a hard days work, and developped more and more anger and impatience towards his son. The more the father tried to restrain himself from contact with his son, the more the kid tried to get attention from him.

The family only needed a few sessions in which The Familycoach observed what went on between son and parents, and activated the parents in their parental behaviour.

Words of the parents on their experience with The Familycoach:

“To put it in simple words, Anton is a miracle for our family. He has helped our relation with our son and showed us ways, tactics that we would never have thought of ourselves. He corrected our mistakes, he showed us the right way to interact with our son, which is a difficult boy and has gone through extraordinary changes in his life and lived a difficult transition to Dutch life. Antons ideas and style was both effective on our son and us. He showed us that at this age and experience, we still have a lot to learn. He showed us methods, and followed up on the results very carefully and at every meeting.  We were probably the most difficult family he had to deal with, because we talked Turkish among ourselves, English with Anton, and our son spoke Dutch with Anton. So there was a huge communication gap between the involved parties. However, Anton handled this very well, understood how the communication within the family was through body language and by visual observation. He told us very simply and effectively what we should do. He was very clear, precise, effective and creative. He chose both strict and friendly approaches, used awards as well as warnings and even small detentions and mixed these very well, creating a good balance among them, one that a 6 year old kid would understand. And we mostly got the result we all wanted after his consultations. And most importantly, he was very friendly while doing all this. Our son loved him like he was part of the family. He knew Anton was coming to us to help our family, so he accepted Anton as a family member. Antons warm and friendly approach was the reason for this acceptance by our son.  Our experience with Anton is so good that we are telling our friends of the existence of such a person, company, and such an important public service and how much it is helping our family.

The experience of a father from Iraq, living in Badhoevedorp with a family of 3 kids (6, 10 en 14). The parents are divorced. The mother, from Greece, living in Nieuw Sloten, found her way to a positive attitude towards her 6 years old son who wouldn’t listen to her. Although divorced, the parents refound a constructive way to work together as a team instead of keeping up their ex-partner fight. This worked out very positive for their children, who could stop having to chose between their mother and father.

What in my working with you has made the difference for you? 
You always kept your calm and wouldn’t let the intense emotions of us as your clients  distract you. You observe the situation objectively, and constantly and actively search for a positive solution without forcing solutions on us. You listen intensely and constantly query us, this way we came to solve our situation ourselves.

Would you recommend this coaching to family/friends/neighbours?
I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving our family, so definetely a yes!


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