Information before we start

To be able to get a good picture of what’s going on in your family, I send you an applicationform. In this you tell me the reason that you seek coaching for your family. You describe what’s going on, and with what situation you’d be satisfied. After receiving your completed form I’ll contact your family for a startmeeting.

Getting to know eachother

Coaching always starts with a startmeeting at your home. I want to get to know all members of your family. Everybody gets to say what is on their mind and heart, regarding their age; I think everyone’s opinion matters and is worth to be heared. I want to hear from you what’s going on, what your goal is, and what you expect from me. A startmeeting takes one hour to one hour and a half, depending of what is there to be told.

It’s possible that this startmeeting will cause already so much movement that your family can procede without my coaching. Then our ways will part.
If at the end of the startmeeting your family believes that a coaching process can help you, we ‘ll make arrangements for the coming period. About this we make a contract.


In the contract which we both sign we write down how we procede: an estimate of how often I will meet your family, for which rate.

What works?

Every family has its own dynamics. I will use methods which fit with your family. We’ll figger out what works for your family en route .

For how long do you come to our family?

Often a few sessions are already sufficient to see positive change. Sometimes it takes a little longer, and the process demands a couple of months.

How often do you come per week to our family?

With one family I visit once in the 2 weeks, other families need a higher frequency. In reality I’ll visit a family more frequent in the start than at the end. If you pay the bill yourself, the frequency depends as well on your financial possibilities. About the frequency we have to make arrangement when we start.


You can reach me in case of crisis 7 x 24 uur by my cellphone.




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