For families

Do the following situations ring a bell for you?


… my kid does on purpose what I don’t want him to do
… my child has a temper tantrum
… Me and my kids fight every day
… I’m afraid of my kid
… My kid is hyperactive, I can’t stand it anymore
… My child rules in our house
… my child won’t hear no for an answer
… my kid threatens to derange (alcohol- and substance addiction, computeraddiction, absence of school)
… I as a parent threaten to derange: I yelled to my kid, and hit him in despair, and now I’m out of ideas

Do you think that your child feels like the following?


… my father doesn’t pay attention to me
… my mom doesn’t understand me
… my tummy hurts of all the fights at home
… I’m thinking of running away from home
… my father never permits me anything while all of my friends are allowed much freedom
… my mom only sees what I do wrong
… I hit my dad
… I was beaten by my mom
… and now I’m afraid to go home
… my parents yell to me all the time
… my mom and dad can only complain about me, and never see what I do right
… my parents constantly fight

… Then family therapy is something for your family.

What are we going to do?


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